Capitol centennial, President Garfield dies: News Journal archives

“Pages of history” features excerpts from The News Journal archives including the Wilmington Morning News, The Morning News, the Every Evening and the Evening Journal.

Sept. 18, 1893, Evening Journal

All Washington alive with processions, music and singing; Capitol centennial celebrated

One hundred years ago today, with all the ceremonies which the period would allow, the corner stone of the Capitol building was laid by President George Washington, and today the citizens of the magnificent city that has grown about the site selected for the structure, together with the highest officials of the nation and the public men from all sections of the land, celebrated the centennial anniversary of the event with exercises so impressive in character as to fitly mark an epoch in the history of this splendid building.

First with a military and civic pageant, then with oratory and music, the event was commemorated. The participants were the representatives of all the branches of the government, including President Cleveland and his Cabinet and the members of both houses of Congress and the highest judicial officers of the country, together with thousands of the people themselves….

Fatalities in chaos of Oklahoma land rush

Sunday in the Cherokee Strip was anything but a day of rest. The boomers were busy hunting for food and water while their families guarded the land they had claimed.

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