Boston terrier stolen from car while owner stops for gas on way to Christmas dinner

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) — A Boston terrier was stolen out of a car while his owner stopped for gas in Spring on his way to Christmas dinner.

“It was gut-wrenching,” Danny Thomason, the dog owner, said. “It was like one of my children had just been kidnapped.”

Thomason was filling up his car at 535 FM 1960 in Spring. Thomason said he left his dog in the car while he went inside the store to pay.

“I looked at him while I was waiting at the register,” Thomason said. “I glanced and didn’t see him. Sometimes he goes in the floor board when he’s left by himself. I wasn’t gone more than a minute or two, and I came back and he was gone.”

Thomason said he reviewed the surveillance footage from the gas station, which confirmed his 5-year-old dog Yogi had been stolen.

“I saw the dark Chevrolet truck drive beside me, and the guy got out and put Yogi into his car and drove off,” Thomason said.

Thomason was headed to his daughter and his ex-wife’s house to celebrate the holiday. He said it took the Harris County Sheriff’s Office several hours to respond, so Thomason never ended up making it to dinner.

“It’s sure not the Christmas I imagined,” Thomason said. “He was my friend.”

Thomason said he and Yogi were inseparable and drove everywhere together. When he leaves Yogi in the car, Thomason leaves the window cracked to prevent him from having a heat stroke. This time, he kept the door unlocked while he paid, so Thompson said he does feel partially responsible.

Thomason is offering a substantial reward for any information that leads to Yogi’s return. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Thomason is staying hopeful and is wishing for a Christmas miracle.

“We want him back. We are very close,” he said.

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