Beware Facebook users, don’t fall for this devious phishing scam

Security researchers have warned that a new phishing campaign is targeting administrators of Facebook company pages.

According to ZDNet, Abnormal Security discovered emails sent to Facebook users suggesting that if an issue is not resolved immediately, the account will be permanently terminated.

The scam’s goal is to dupe people into passing up their passwords and personal information, possibly in order to take over the company pages they manage.

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False sense of urgency is the modus operandi:

First, the victim receives an email from “The Facebook Team” warning them that they have regularly shared content that violates the copyright of others. The victim is informed that unless they dispute the claim immediately, their account would be closed.

The email contains two links: One that takes the victim to a legitimate Facebook post (likely to get beyond email filtering) and another that takes them to a website where they can “plead their cause.”

This malicious page does not include any malware; instead, it requests personal information from the victim, such as their name, email address, and Facebook password.


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