At G7, Biden vows ‘response’ if China acts against Taiwan, asserts unwavering support for Ukraine

US President Joe Biden’s closing remarks at G7 summit in Japan’s Hiroshima entailed Washington’s ‘unwavering support’ for Ukraine’s war-effort against the Russian offensive as well as addressal of Chinese economic and maritime assertions, especially on Beijing’s territorial claims over Taiwan. 

The US president said he had assured the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that Washington and its allies “will not waver”. 

“Putin will not break our resolve as he thought he could,” Biden said.

Joe Biden at G7: US president says there “would be a response” if China acts against Taiwan

Asked by a journalist how the United States will manage its relationship with China amid Beijing’s maritime belligerence around Taiwan Strait, Biden went back to address the ‘silly balloon’ episode while referring to the February 2023 incident of an alleged Chinese spy balloon which was seen flying over the US territory. 

“Everything changed in terms of talking to one another,” Biden said on Washington-Beijing exchanges, adding that he thinks the bilateral relations will “thaw very shortly”. 

Biden said that the US will continue to put Taiwan “in a position where they can defend themselves”, adding that there is a “clear understanding” among the US and its allies that if China acted unilaterally on Taiwan there “would be a response”. 

The US president repeated the G7 call to ‘de-risk’ the relationship with China, in what was also seen as his attempt to dilute the UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s concerns over China which he described as “biggest challenge of our age.”

“It means protecting a narrow set of advanced technologies critical for our national security,” Biden said.

Biden hails Zelensky’s ‘flat assurance’ on F16s use, $375mn military aid package

Asked by a journalist how can the US be sure that European nations giving F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine will not escalate the war, Biden hailed Zelensky’s “flat assurance”.

The US president said that the Ukrainian leader has assured the US and its allies that the F-16s will not be used to attack Russian geographic territory.

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Earlier in the day, Joe Biden announced a new $375 million package of military aid to Ukraine, and asserted the country’s ‘unwavering support’ to Ukraine. Biden said that the military aid package included ammunition, artillery, armoured vehicles as well as military training. 

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