Alaska records warmest-ever December temperature

There are many who still think Global Warming is just a PR thing and a hoax perpetrated by corporates. But examples of how the hanging sword is changing the planet are too hard to miss. Icebergs are melting, storms are becoming stronger and temperatures are rising even in the most frigid of landscapes.

Area in question is Alaska where the winter month of December has been unusually balmy this time. But what has attracted scientific attention is daytime temperatures going past 15 degrees Celsius.

The temperature may still appear fairly cold to many of us but in Alaska, the region close to the North Pole, this has sent alarm bells ringing.

On Sunday, temperature of 19.4C was recorded on Alaskan island of Kodiak. This is the highest temperature ever recorded in the month of December when winter is supposed to be at its most brutal. The record was shattered in Cold Bay as well where a temperature of 16.6C was recorded. Local scientists have been quoted in media reports to call the temperature spike ‘absurd’.

Another notable thing is the rainy spells Alaska has seen this time. Alaskan winter is supposed to be bitter and cold. But rains have piqued interest.

Such phenomena have been observed for decades in Alaska but the warming has been quite pronounced in recent years, say the scientists. The rains and increased temperature have already started to show effect on wildlife.

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