A UFO? Citizens astonished after lens cloud in shape of UFO appears in Turkiye’s sky

The citizens in the northwestern city of Bursa in Turkiye were left staggered after a lenticular cloud, resembling a UFO, appeared in the sky on Thursday morning. Seeing the UFO-resembling cloud, the people recorded it and clicked its pictures on their mobile phones. 

The cloud remained in the sky for an hour and was seen from the Gursu, Osmangazi, Kestel, Nilufer and Yildirim districts of Bursa. 

The website of the General Directorate of Meteorology shared information which stated that lens clouds were formed in the sky due to rough wind fluctuations and it is indicative of turbulence shifting downward in the sky.

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A lot of citizens who were amazed by this natural phenomenon recorded the spectacular sight of the formation of a lens cloud on their mobile phones. The video and photos of clouds looking like UFOs were widely shared later on social media across the country. 

The stationary cloud, which is formed due to an orographic event, appears in any geographic area where foehn winds are present.

(With inputs from agencies)

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