A $25,000-challenge for couples has come up in US. Know how to win it?

A unique and lucrative challenge has come up for couples in the US. In it, the winners stand a chance to earn $25,000. But they will have to ditch internet-based technology for a month.  

The challenge, which has been brought by Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur, is named “Kahlúa Stir Up Your Routine.”  

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The 30-day break from technology can be refreshing for some and impossible for some. Before claiming the cash winnings, the winners of the grand prize will also have to pass a polygraph test.  


As per the rules of the contest, the test will be conducted by a “sponsor-appointed representative to confirm their participation and engagement in the sponsor-provided activities and verify that they completed the requirement to be ‘internet and social media free’ in a manner acceptable by sponsor during the designated time period for each of the 30 nights of the challenge.”  

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The company said it’s coming up with this challenge as nearly half of Americans “admit” that they spend “five to six hours on their phones daily,” which it claimed is equal to nine years spent on mobile devices.  

The coffee liqueur looks to encourage couples to spend more time with each other in the challenge. The registration for it will end on January 2, 2022, at 11:59 pm EST.   

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