5-year-old girl hilariously trolls Johnson over ‘partygate’, netizens hail ‘future UK PM’

A 5-year-old girl has taken the United Kingdom by storm, after a video of her chiding Prime Minister Boris Johnson for attending a party in Downing Street went viral.

Many were surprised with the girl’s grasp on the country’s state of affairs and her ability to understand why Johnson was wrong to attend the ‘bring your own booze’ party during the pandemic.

Layla Somani, from Leicester, Leicestershire, had been avidly following the news for the past week even as the prime minister was being severely criticised.

While eloquently explaining the pressing political situation to her grandparents Kanti Somani, 76, and Kusun Somani, 73, her mother Devina Somani, 37, caught her hilariously detailed monologue on camera and shared it online.

The video left the social media users impressed, with many users hailing her as the “future PM”.

In the funny clip, Layla says, “Boris Johnson told everyone to stay at home, but in lockdown, he just went down to a party, in the lockdown.”

“He’s been naughty, so he had to go to the naughty centre to tell everyone he’s sorry for going to a party in lockdown. Now he can’t be prime minister anymore and he can’t go back to his prime minister home, so he’s not prime minister anymore.” 

“So, someone else is being prime minister and there will be a good prime minister, but Boris Johnson is not a prime minister anymore, he’s a bad prime minister. But, if he’s lucky, he can go back to his prime minister home and he can be a prime minister again. We’ll see tomorrow if he’s lucky.”

The video has had more than 55,000 views and 1,645 reactions.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Devina said, “We couldn’t stop laughing. We couldn’t believe how much she’d picked up.”

“When she was explaining it we thought ‘oh my god’. We couldn’t believe she’d learnt all this stuff and that she was absorbing it so well.”

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