Thrill seekers flock to world’s longest suspension footbridge after its opening in Czech Republic

Thrill-seekers flocked to the world’s longest suspension footbridge after its opening in the Czech Republic.

The 721-metre-long bridge, which has been named Sky Bridge 721, is located near the Dolni Morava vacation resort.

It connects the Jeseniky mountains and enables tourists to walk from one mountain to another with a spectacular view.

The bridge, suspended by six main supporting ropes and 60 wind ropes, took two years to build at a cost of 200 million crowns ($8.4 million).

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Sky Bridge 721, which sits at more than 1,100 meters above sea level, hangs 95 metres above the valley floor.

The previous record for the longest suspension footbridge was held by the 516-metre (1,692.9-foot) Arouca Bridge in Portugal.

Michaela Klestilova, a day-hiker told news agency Reuters, “We came here because we love adrenaline.”

“We came by foot up here and now we are looking for our reward,” she added.

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Expressing concern about the bridge, the Czech Nature Conservation Agency’s regional director Michal Servus told Czech TV it has changed the character of the area.

Tourists who wish to visit the bridge need to book tickets in advance which are worth 350 Czech Koruna or $15.

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