Skye islanders in Scotland help US couple pull off ‘memorable’ wedding against all odds. Find out how

An island called Skye in Scotland witnessed a special wedding recently. What made the ‘imperfect’ wedding special is the support and generosity of these islanders towards the US couple, who wanted to fulfill their dream of marrying in the Highlands. The couple, Amanda and Paul Riesel, travelled over 4,000 miles from Orlando, Florida to tie the knot on Skye. The couple was planning the nuptials for two years. But their hopes of the memorable wedding got shattered when their flights were diverted to different places. Paul said, “All of us had breakdowns along the way. It was delay, delay, delay.” Finally, the couple reached Skye the night before their wedding only to find out that their luggage had got lost on the journey.   

As there was no wedding dress or suit, the couple was about to call off the wedding. But their local photographer, Rosie Woodhouse, had something else in mind. “I told them I was sure I could make this work. Skye is an amazing place,” said Woodhouse.   

So, Woodhouse immediately posted a plea on a social media site in Skye. By morning, there were numerous offers of help. Now, the couple had numerous dresses of their size to choose from.  


Amanda, who is a school meals supervisor, got makeup from a local chemist. The couple also had a home-cooked meal at Woodhouse’s house.  

“Rosie did all of this, I was oblivious to all the work that went on in the background. In the middle of the night people responded, one woman even dropped off normal clothes to help. We woke up to this beautiful thing orchestrated for us. Because of her perseverance we got married.  

“Every single person Rosie introduced us to and that offered to help will forever have a place in our hearts. The people of Skye will be famous in Orlando because we will tell anyone who will listen that they are the reason our love was cemented into a perfectly imperfect wedding day. There will never be enough words for us to express how grateful we are,” said Amanda.  

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