One killed, eight injured in Iranian drone strike on Kurdish opposition groups in Iraq

Iran on Monday launched cross-border missile and drone strikes against Kurdish opposition groups based in northern Iraq. As per a statement by the local authorities, one person was killed and eight wounded in the attack.

An Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-managed Fars News Agency report quotes Iranian military sources confirming that “Iran has carried out attacks with drones and missiles targeting the headquarters of terrorist parties in the northern region of Iraq.”

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Talking to AFP, Tariq al-Haidari, mayor of Koysanjaq in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region said that five Iranian missiles were used to target a building used by Kurdistan Democratic Party.

More strikes were reported from other parts of Kurdistan.  Bases of the Iranian Communist Party and the Iranian nationalist group Komala in the Zrgoiz region were the target of four drone strikes, said a Komala leader Atta Seqzi.

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Seqzi added that the groups were warned of the attacks and had evacuated in time, there were “no deaths or injury”.

In September, Tehran launched similar attacks on Iraq’s Kurdistan region, blaming Kurdish armed groups for stoking the unrest that had stoked the Islamic Republic for more than a month. 

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At the time, the UN mission in Iraq condemned the attacks, saying “rocket diplomacy is a reckless act” and warned that it could have “devastating consequences”.

Since the death of 22-year-old Mahasa Amini at the hands of the country’s morality police, Iran has been rocked by a spate of protests and unrest. The protests have once again stoked tensions between Tehran and Kurdish opposition groups.

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