‘Not about changing status quo’: Pelosi lashes out at China during Japan visit

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is in Tokyo as part of her Asia tour, said her visit to Taiwan was used by China to start a military exercise.

China began the second day of military exercise on Friday after starting unprecedented drills firing ballistic missiles in the Taiwan Strait just a day after Pelosi left the island nation.

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“They may try to keep Taiwan from visiting, but they will not isolate Taiwan from us,” the US House Speaker said in a stern warning to China. Pelosi emphasised that US-Taiwan friendship was “important” while stating that it was an “honour” to meet the Taiwan delegation during her visit.

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“Our representation here is not about changing the status quo. It’s about security, in all cases, we have had positive conversations and great respect. We can do better in our countries,” Pelosi said during the press conference on her visit to Asian countries.

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