North Korea issues ‘extreme cold’ weather warning as mercury plunges to -30 degrees Celsius

North Korean authorities have issued an extreme cold weather warning across the entire country, on Tuesday (January 24), as the temperatures in the region are expected to drop as low as -30 degrees Celsius in the northern regions, reported the state radio broadcaster. The regions in question include Ryanggang, North Hamgyong and South Hamgyong which are some of the most vulnerable and among the poorest ones in the country, reported the BBC. 

According to the state radio, the coastal areas are expected to experience high winds which would worsen the already brutal conditions. On Wednesday, the North Korean capital city of Pyongyang witnessed a below-average dip in temperature at -19 degrees Celsius, reported NK News. 

The report also noted that since electricity is scant outside the North Korean capital many households in the country typically burn wood, coal briquettes and dried plants for warmth during the winter while others wrap plastic around their doors and windows for insulation. 

However, it is not just North Korea, as South Korea recently also issued a cold wave warning while Japan is set to experience the lowest temperature drop it has recorded in decades, this week. In December, Radio Free Asia reported that “large numbers” of people had gone missing last year amid a cold wave that hit North Korea. Many people are thought to have starved or frozen to death after temperatures dropped to below freezing, reported BBC. 

This also comes ahead of February 8 when Pyongyang is set to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its Korean People’s Army. A report by NK News, citing satellite images, says that troops and heavy vehicles were seen rehearsing for the major military parade which marks the event through the cold weather. 

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