Meet the 2022 Delaware Young Environmentalist Award winners

Saving wolves, reducing styrofoam pollution and protecting our inland bays are the causes of a next-generation of Delaware environmentalists recognized last week.

Every year for the past 29 years, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) selects three students who have taken initiative in restoring or enhancing Delaware’s environment for the Young Environmentalist Award.

Three winners representing different age groups were recognized July 28 at the Delaware State Fair in Harrington and were awarded a certificate, a gift card and a prize pack for their efforts. 

Meet this year’s winners and learn about their work.

Tao Le Marchand, elementary school

Tao Le Marchand, better known as Ty, has dedicated his free time to advocating for wolves, and he isn’t letting up anytime soon. 

Over the past year, the 10-year-old spread the word about helping wolves and raised money in his local community for the Wolf Sanctuary in Pennsylvania. His three-month effort amounted to a $400 donation to the sanctuary, the largest single donor the organization had seen that year. 

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