Man accused of committing deadliest mass murder in Tennessee deemed fit for trial

WESTMORELAND, Tenn. (WSMV) – Michael Cummins, the man accused of killing over half a dozen people in 2019, was deemed fit to stand trial Monday.

Cummins is accused of killing six people – David and Clara Cummins, Michael Cummins’ parents, Charles Hosale, his grandfather, Marsha Nuckols, Rachel McGlothlin-Pee, and Sapphire McGlothlin-Pee – inside the Charles Brown Road home. Mary Sue Hosale, his grandmother, was found alive in the home on or about April 26.

Previous trials were rescheduled over the years as he underwent mental evaluations to determine his fitness for trial.

District Attorney Ray Whitely told News4 that after several medical professionals examined Cummins, they determined him fit to stand trial in April 2023. However, he added that Cummins will continue to undergo evaluations up until his trial date in April 2023.

Cummins will have an intellectual disability hearing on September 9, 2022, to determine if he is eligible to receive the death penalty due to his mental state. If he is deemed unfit to receive the death penalty, this does not rule out the possibility of life in prison.

Court officials said the murders were committed over several days. Since there are three different scenes, the defense says there should be three separate trials. But prosecutors argue all three locations are connected and should be tried as one.

The jury selection for the trial is on April 3, 2023, and the first day will be April 5, 2023, in Gallatin.

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