King Charles III and Prince of Wales make surprise visit to greet mourners

In a surprise appearance, the King and the Prince of Wales greeted mourners waiting in line to see the Queen’s lying in state.

As King Charles III and Prince William appeared, hundreds of people waiting in line at Lambeth in southeast London clapped and applauded. 

In an effort to speak with the King and the heir to the throne as they shook hands with those closest to them, many people took pictures and pressed up against the metal barriers.

As each passed, several people shouted “Hip, hip, hooray,” “God Save the King,” and “God Save the Prince of Wales.” 

The most recent wait time is currently 14 hours, with lines extending all the way back to Bermondsey’s Southwark Park.

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At around 10:00 pm on Friday, police captured a man who was said to have left the line and approached the Queen’s coffin, shocking many people present in Westminster Hall. 

It took place only a few hours after King Charles III and his three siblings held a 15-minute vigil at the casket of their mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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