India becomes largest source of international graduate students in US: Report

India has now become the largest source of international graduate students in the United States for the first time since 2009/10, a report by the International Educational Exchange (IIE) said on Monday (Nov 13). As per the report, India reached an all-time high of  268,923 international students in 2022/23, an increase of 35% year-over-year. China remained the top sending country in 2022/23 with 289,526 students studying in the US. However, China saw a reduction of 0.2% year-on-year.

“In addition, eight places of origin, including Bangladesh, Colombia, Ghana, India, Italy, Nepal, Pakistan, and Spain, reached all-time highs in international student numbers,” the report said. It pointed out that India continued to be the highest priority for undergraduate and graduate recruitment

“Seventy percent of US institutions are prioritizing undergraduate outreach and 80% of U.S. institutions are prioritizing graduate outreach for students in India,” the report also said. 

During 2022/23, the US hosted over one million international students a 12% increase compared to the previous academic year. It is the fastest growth rate in more than 40 years. The report also said that for the first time since 2014/15, international student enrollment across all academic levels increased in 2022/23. 

“Graduate student enrollment increased the most, with 467,027 international students pursuing master’s, doctorate, or professional degrees (+21% year-over year). Undergraduate student enrollment grew (+1% year-over-year) for the first time in five years,” it said.

Reacting to the figures, Assistant US Secretary of State Lee Satterfield said, “Students from around the world have chosen the United States as the top destination for international study. International education is a vehicle that promotes peace and cross-cultural connections and provides the tools necessary to address the shared challenges of our time.”

“Over one million international students studying in the US reflects a strong rebound, with the number approaching pre-pandemic levels. This reinforces that the U.S. remains the destination of choice for international students wishing to study abroad, as it has been for more than a century,” said Allan E. Goodman, the chief executive officer of IIE. 

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