How a lack of snow is impacting Delaware. What’s in the forecast?

  • Without more snow this winter, the “trace” so far in Wilmington would tie a record from 1997-98.
  • Some businesses that plow snow or sell shovels and salt have seen a drop in revenue.
  • Delaware could save money on plowing and labor costs if the lack of snow persists.

Kevin Patterson has been in the landscaping and snow plowing business for 37 years and he can only remember one other winter with less snow than this.

“I think it was about 15 years ago, maybe 2008. We barely had any snow and it was so warm we started mowing grass in February,” said Patterson, the owner of A-1 Kevin’s Landscaping in Smyrna.

With just a flurry so far this winter in Delaware, there haven’t been any plowing or shoveling jobs which he estimates are about 10% of his business in a typical year.

“We don’t count on snow. It’s a bonus,” Patterson said. “But it’s nice when we do have snow. It means we have money in the account before spring to get started ordering what we need for landscaping jobs.”

Plus, he’s stuck with a lot of salt he has to store.

However, there has been a bright spot. With the mild temperatures and no snow on the ground, he’s been able to work on some landscaping projects.

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