Explosion rocks Milan, setting several vehicles on fire

A massive explosion has rocked the city of Milan setting several vehicles on fire in the city centre, as per media reports. In the video footage shared by the Italian news channel Sky TG24, numerous vehicles are seen engulfed in flames.  

The blast took place in Via Pier Lombardo and a massive cloud of black smoke is seen rising from the city. According to reports, a nearby school called “Istituto Suore Mantellate” was immediately evacuated after the blast.

According to Sky TG24, the blast took place after a van caught fire in the city. According to the Italian daily La Repubblica, oxygen gas cylinders were present inside the vehicle which exploded, triggering “domino explosions”.

The van which exploded was parked in the corner of the street. The explosion of the van sparked a series of reactions setting five vehicles on fire.

According to an eyewitness, the driver of the van jumped out of the vehicle in the nick of time after he noticed that it has caught fire and hence, he only sustained injuries in his hand and leg.

As per reports, a nearby apartment building and pharmacy also caught fire. 

According to the newspaper, around five cars and four mopeds were set alight. Before firefighters reached at the scene to tackle the blast, the city’s Porta Romana area was cordoned off by police. 

WATCH | Milan Explosion: Massive EXPLOSION rocks Italy’s MILAN, several vehicles on fire

Any foul play was ruled out by the city’s mayor Giuseppe Sala as he confirmed that no one was killed in the incident. “It’s a van carrying oxygen cylinders,” he said. He added that only the driver suffered light injuries. 

Sala said that the van’s driver had informed the fire brigade that the fire started in the engine of the van he was driving. “He quickly grabbed the oxygen cylinders he was carrying … He tried to limit the damage but then there was an explosion,” the mayor stated.

The blaze was quickly extinguished by the firefighters as thick clouds of black smoke rose into the sky. Fire service officer Carlo Cardinali stated that oxygen cylinders were filled inside the van, however, they are investigating the exact cause of the blast.

“At the moment, only the driver” had reported injuries, he said, adding that he managed to escape with “light burns”.

Meanwhile, a 39-year-old labourer who was working nearby, Giuseppe said, “I heard three big explosions and more that followed. I came straight away to see what was happening, and the whole street was on fire, people were running.”

The footage shared by the fire service showed a powerful blast which burned out a dozen parked cars. Many canisters were visible on the street between the remains of a destroyed vehicle.

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