Delaware Gov. John Carney’s 2023 State of the State: 5 things to know

Gov. John Carney promised to raise teachers’ salaries, invest more in early education and confront Delaware’s worsening climate crisis in his State of the State address delivered Thursday at Legislative Hall.

This was the first State of the State speech, since the beginning of the pandemic, in which lawmakers both appeared in person and many didn’t wear masks – a stark contrast to the previous addresses. The body of Democratic lawmakers that sat before Carney’s sixth address is more progressive and diverse than last session, which could set up possible internal fights on legislative issues.

Governor John Carney delivers the State of the State address in the House or Senate chamber of Legislative Hall in Dover, Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023. Much of the governor's speech focused on education, including pay increases for teachers.

While the speech laid out Carney’s priorities for the year, more details are expected to come next week when he reveals his budget recommendation. 

Here are five takeaways from the State of the State:

Pay increases for Delaware teachers 

Much of Carney’s speech focused on education, both to retain teachers and expand early childhood development. 

BACKGROUNDDelaware governor wants to raise teacher salaries up to 9% in the next fiscal year

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